Taeyang’s Hairstyle Included in “2012 Hairstyle Trend Guide For Men”

6 Jan

As we enjoy the first week of the new year, many are looking to change up their appearance somehow to reflect a new beginning in their lives.

Of course, the easiest and most dramatic changes one could make is with their hairstyle. While the ladies seem to have it a bit easier when it comes to choosing a style they want (thanks to the plethora of star photos available both online and in print), it can be a little more difficult for the boys.

OSEN put together a little guide to help the fellas into choosing a hairstyle that will be both trendy and chic. Check it out below!


★ Soft Mohican hairstyle (as seen on Won Bin and Odagiri Joe)

The hairstyle of Japanese actor Odagiri Joe, who recently attended the Korean movie preview for ‘My Way‘, is becoming a hot topic amongst local fashionistas. Coined the ’4-D Mohican’, this eye-catching look is both rebellious and chic. There’s a lot of movement in this hairstyle, thanks to the wave of curls tossed casually to the side. Men who are on top of their fashion game have been requesting it to push the boundaries of their style.

Of course, not everyone has to shave off one side of their hair. Won Bin opted for a more immaculate look by neatly trimming his sideburns while allowing the hair at the top of his head to stay long. He then tapers the middle with products like wax or pomade.

The effect may not be as dramatic as Odagiri Joe’s, but it’s more cosmopolitan and adaptable into everyday life.

Another variation of the mohawk is found in these profile shots of Jay Park and Big Bang‘s Taeyang.

The boys shaved the sides of their heads very close to the scalp, but left their hair extra long at the top of the head. Depending on your personal taste, you can crop the back of your hair short, or shave off the sides and leave the strip at the top to extend all the way down to the nape. Many are of the opinion that once you shave the sides of your head and leave an elongated strip, the style becomes a ‘hard mohican’.

While Taeyang and Jay Park dyed their tblonde to add some dimension to their look, experts at VAIRA salon agree that it’s best to keep it monotone in color if you want the look to be more refined.

★ Two Block Cut (as seen on Yoo Ah In and Lee Kikwang)

Cha Seung Won began a new trend when he tried this hairstyle for his hit drama ‘The Greatest Love‘; the look took over once actor Yoo Ah In began to sport it. The hairstyle is similar to the Soft Mohican, as the lengths of hair on the side and in the front are different. However, the ‘Two Block Cut’ doesn’t taper as much in the middle; while there’s volume at the top, it’s often plateau-ed.

Men prefer this look when they want to achieve the effect a slimmer face.

The VAIRA experts state, “This style should be worn with the hair short at the sides and the front a bit longer. The top front should be permed for some volume, or can easily be given some texture with an iron or backcombing, as well as hair wax.”

The look will change depending on how long the front hair is worn, and also depends on the angle at which the hair is lifted.”

★ Dandy Cut (as seen on Lee Minki, Jung Kyeo Woon, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyun Joong)

The ‘Dandy Cut’ is one where the front bangs are cut to align with the eyebrows, and the sides are cut above the ears. It is a trendy and neat look, and is recommended for men with large facial features or for those who want to soften their fierce image.

The hairstyle can look different depending on how the front bangs are styled. When the front bangs lay straight or slightly rounded, it gives off a more innocent look, whereas curls or a perm give off a trendier image. When the bangs lay diagonal, the effect is said to be ‘chic’.

If the hair falls flat, a volume perm can help give the hair some body.

★ Trendsetters everywhere, attempt a trendy catwalk hairstyle!

For anyone who wants to bring out their individual charms but don’t know how, refer to hairstyles in the 2012 Spring/Summer magazine collections (which will soon hit stores).


Source & Image : OSEN via Nate

Credits to: allkpop


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