Filipino Actor, Joseph Bitangcol also Big Bang’s Fan?

7 Jan

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Joseph Bitangcol answered his fans’s questions on twitter, and one of the questions was regarding Big Bang



TRANS: “@germinicious: @JosephBitangcol Do you Know T.O.P. of Big Bang??? Kekeke~” – Hehe, yeah, why? (ANSWER)

TRANS: “@germinicious: @JosephBitangco ahhh!!! So you know Big Bang… are you also their fan?? hehehe… just curious (^_^)v” – hehe yeah

TRANS: So you also like kpop… hihi!.. well, they also belong to YG Family*… I also discovered them because of the I’m Sorry MV ( *He was linked with Dara when she was still in the Philippines, so she must mean that he knows them because Dara and BB belongs to the same company :) )

TRANS: Hehe not much, I was first amazed with Taeyang, then I began to appreciate their songs


*Joseph Bitangcol is a Filipino television and film actor. He was discovered through ABS-CBN’s reality talent search, Star Circle Quest Season 1. He and Dara were on the same season / batch of that talent search.


Thanks for the tip Angela08_VIP ! Hugs and kisses :))


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