Seungri begs his fans to buy him some ramen

7 Jan

Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri doesn’t seem to be thrilled with the cold.

On January 6th, the idol begged on his me2day, “Ah it’s cold, Buy me Odari ramen~Buy me Odari~Buy me North Face Buy me North Face~~~

With South Korea’s freezing weather these days, it’s no wonder Seungri wrapped himself with layers of clothes.  His red and black scarf nearly covers half of his pale face as he stares into the camera.

Fans and netizens found his quote and expression to be cute, and hilariously responded, “Oppa you’re so adorable~I will buy you whatever you want!“, “If you make a comeback with Big Bang….“, and “You are a rich idol, buy it yourself….and one for me too? =D


Source + Photos: Seungri’s me2day

Translation by: allkpop


NOTE: His update was posted in our FB fan page. Do check it out there


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