G-Dragon wins SEOULBEATS’ Perfect Boy Group: Leader Poll

12 Jan

Big Bang‘s charismatic and fashion forward leader G-Dragon has won the Perfect Boy Group: Leader poll on website Seoulbeats. He won with 30.97%, giving him a total of 15,073 votes. Congratulations from all of us here at hellokpop! Onew fromSHINee was the runner up, with 29.41%, a total of 14,316 votes. The other contestants included:

  • Leeteuk – Super Junior with 19.34%        (9,414 votes)
  • Seungho – MBLAQ with 9.5%                        (4,624 votes)
  • Doojoon – BEAST with 6.58%                        (3,201 votes)
  • Yonghwa – CN Blue with 2.13%                    (1,035 votes)
  • Sunggyu – Infinite with 2.07%                     (1,008 votes)

Do you agree with this list?

S: Seoulbeats


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