Superstar K3 ‘s Do Dae Yoon apologizes to IU and Taeyang’s fans (011811)

20 Jan

Do Dae Yoon of “Superstar K3” has decided to close his Twitter account regarding his recent Tweets about singer, IU and Big Bang member, Taeyang. He had stirred up a lot of controversy with his Tweets made over the past 24 hours. Dae Yoon also offered an apology to fans for his comments.Earlier, Do Dae Yoon had made a Tweet in response to IU’s comment about her “not liking handsome men,” “IU-ssi, I’m not handsome. What about me? How do I look to you?”

After that Tweet he had apparently gotten word that IU’s “ideal type” was that of Big Bang’s Taeyang (Dong Yong Bae). He began directing his Tweets to Taeyang asking for his help, “Sunbaenim! (Veteran) I’m a big fan! I would like to be a talented dancer like you, where should I start? Oh and of course Happy New Year and all the best to you sunbaenim!”

Not long after the first he wrote another post about how to get IU’s attention, “Once I am able to dance as well as Young Bae sunbaenim, IU-ssi will definitely change to wanting Do Dae Yoon, hehehe!”

He followed up by saying, “Hey, I can dance like Youngbae. IU, change your gaze toward Do Dae Yoon.”

It didn’t take long at all for his comments to soon catch the attention of Netizens. They responded to Do Dae Yoon’s Tweets, “Do Dae Yoon must really like IU,” “It was just a mistake,” “It’s pretty funny,” “You spoke out of turn,” “We probably shouldn’t tell Big Bang’s Taeyang,” and “If Taeyang isn’t that handsome…then what does that make me?”

Within a few hours of writing about idols IU and Taeyang, Do Dae Yoon made a post to his Twitter account saying, “A lot of things have been going on lately. I apologize to both IU and Taeyang’s fans, I’m sorry.” He added to his apology with a final Tweet, “This will be the last Tweet for a while since I’m closing my Twitter. Tweet, Tweet! Rest.”

Source: SoompiNate

From another article:

Controversy brewed because Do Dae Yoon had also tweeted, “Gotta practice dance to be like Taeyang sunbaehim. But I would be taller, right?” then deleted it.

Source: Kpopfever

Credits to: Bigbangupdates


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