[NEWS] Big Bang’s 2012 comeback promotions, the largest scale yet for YG

22 Jan


YG Entertainment officially announced the comeback of Big Bang for the first time.

At 12am on January 21st, a picture of the logo of Big Bang with the words on top that read ‘BIG BANG IS COMING’ was posted on YG Life, a blog reporting the news on YG’s own artists.
YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk as well as Big Bang member Taeyang had discussed the comeback of Big Bang previously but this is the first time that YG mentions the comeback of Big Bang through the official blog where Korean and international fans alike are able to come into contact with YG Entertainment artists’ news. This can be viewed as an official announcement of Big Bang’s comeback.

All eyes on YG Entertainment as they officially announce the comeback of Big Bang. YG Entertainment has always employed fresh and new methods to mark the comeback of its artists.

A YG Entertainment representative revealed to Star News, “We are not able to reveal detailed plans currently but it is for sure that Big Bang’s comeback promotions will be the largest scale yet for YG.”

In a recently interview with Star News, Big Bang member Taeyang had also revealed, “Currently the plan is to have a ‘Big Show’ performance around March. Around that time Big Bang’s new album should be released, not sure whether it will be a full album or if it will be a mini album then a full album.”

It is said that the five members of Big Bang; G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri already have many songs ready that they have worked on while on hiatus. The agency representative said, “The Big Bang members, who have undergone ups and downs and have taken time for self-reflection last year, have been devoting themselves to music, while remembering their first resolution.” The rep continued, “The fruits of their efforts will be unveiled soon.” 

Many are arguing that all things are pointing to a February comeback, sooner than guessed earlier. Big Bang released their special album with ‘Love Song’ back in April on 2011 so it would make it a 10 month gap between the release of the albums if they do come back in February.

Big Bang are performing at the Saitama Super Arena on January 21st and 22nd for the YG Anniversary Concert, together with other YG Entertainment artists.

Sources: Star News, Ceridwen @ Kpopfever.com, Enews


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