[NEWS] Jung Hyung Don “Does YG scout comedians?”

27 Jan

Comedian Jung Hyung-Don gave great laughter when he called YG Entertainment in order to speak to idol group BIG BANG’s member, G-Dragon.

Jung Hyung-Don attempted to call G-Dragon, who had won first place in the ranking ‘Full of cool! Luxury Force Idols’, in the show ‘Weekly Idol’s ‘Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking’ corner. In this program, idols themselves vote the winners pre-show.

The specialty of this corner is calling the first place winner in a congratulatory call. Jung Hyung-Don had to call G-Dragon, but since he did not know his number, he ended up calling YG Entertainment instead.

The employee that had received the call stated brightly “I see G-Dragon often. I’ll be sure to relay the message to him, please support Big Bang,” and also told him “I’m your fan.”

In response, Jung Hyung Don half-jokingly revealed “Does YG scout comedians? I don’t have an entertainment company. However, I won’t tell anyone I’m a part of YG.” 

To this, the employee joked back, “I’ll talk to the president about it.” 

‘Weekly Idol’ is broadcasted every Saturday at 2:00PM, on MBCeveryone.

Credit: Osen
Translated by: ALEX @ bigbangupdates


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