[NEWS] G Dragon and Daesung open up on SBS “Healing Camp”

10 Feb



Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Daesung will be making appearances on SBS’ Healing Camp.

A source from the broadcast told enews on February 10, “G-Dragon and Daesung attended the shoot for the SBS talk show Healing Camp on February 9. The two told their stories with an honest attitude.”

The two members talked about what their situation was like last year while they took time off from their career. This is the first time they will be opening up on the issue.

On May 31, Daesung crashed into a taxi stopped on Seoul’s Yanghwa Bridge and then hit the motorcycle driver Mr. Hyun, who had been knocked over nearby. Hyun was killed by the crash.

In the case of G-Dragon, he tested positive for drugs from a hair test in July after it was discovered in May that he had smoked marijuana in a Japan club, but was given a probation for many reasons including that his offense wasn’t serious enough for him to be sentenced as a drug offender.

After the two members had been involved in these incidents, Big Bang had to announce it was going on hiatus, and postponed all plans for its new album. Daesung recently made a comeback with the MBN drama What’s Up, and G-Dragon started performing again at the YG Family Concert.

The episode featuring Daesung and G-Dragon will air near the end of February.

 This episode will air on Feb 20th and will also feature the othe members. (via @yynnnn)

Source: Enewsworld


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