[NEWS] All Big Bang members to appear on Healing Camp

11 Feb


All Big Bang Members to Appear on Latter Half of ‘Healing Camp’…Planned to be Aired on the 20th

Although the main guests are Daesung and G-Dragon, all the rest of the Bigbang members came to the ‘Healing Camp’ set to support the two. Significantly, all five members of Bigbang do not commonly appear together on shows. Last May all five members did appear in ‘Muhandojun’ (Infinite Challenge), but it has been a while since they have made an appearance on a talk show.

Producer Baek stated, “All the members came to support each other and went to a pork rind BBQ restaurant they went often in their early debut days to have a sincere and deep conversation. The members said that they learned more about each other”.

The shooting for ‘Healing Camp’ was at YG Entertainment. ‘Healing Camp’ aims to find the best set for the guests. Hence, ‘Healing Camp’ chose the YG building in order to protect Daesung and also because Daesung confessed something.

Producer Baek mentioned, “Daesung mentioned that before the accident the YG building seemed like a very rigid place because he thought it was a place he needed to work. However, he stated that after the accident his perspectives of the YG building have changed significantly. We chose to shoot the program at the YG building for more sincere and profound conversations”. In addition, some mention that there was indeed a lot of things mentioned that wouldn’t be mentioned easily in other programs.

Daesung and G-Dragon will appear on ‘Healing Camp’ that will be aired on the 20th.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Beau @ bbvip, bbvipz


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