[NEWS] What Is Big Bang’s Strategy Regarding Their Imminent Comeback

15 Feb


Big Bang’s comeback countdown has officially started with the release of the teaser images of members T.O.P and Daesung.

YG Entertainment plans to bet everything on this comeback which is considered as a very important comeback marking the group’s much awaited return since the controversies involving Daesung and G-Dragon.

What is Big Bang’ strategy?

Big Bang is scheduled to hold a large scale campaign on television through TV commercials.

According to YG Entertainment, the fifth mini album of Big Bang is scheduled to hit stores on February 29. Starting February 17 and until the album’s release, YG plans to unveil teasers in the form of TV commercials. Dubbed as “YG Entertainment’s biggest promotions ever,” a promise made to fans and Big Bang by President Yang Hyun Suk, Big Bang’s comeback will surely bring many surprises.

The total production costs of the TV commercials are said to surpass the billion won. Using this as a marketing strategy is a huge step for YG Entertainment in terms of achievements and costs involved. It’s the first time that TV commercials are used to promote artists prior to their comeback, and especially in the form used by YG Entertainment.

Another surprising fact is that YG’s Big Bang teamed up with Entertainment portal Naver to promote the group’s comeback through teasers and TV commercials. As of now, no less than thirteen commercials have been filmed for the group’s return but there might be more.

Naver will also release a smartphone application dedicated to Big Bang’s comeback. Every day, a commercial will be aired on TV and revealed on Naver while songs snippets and images will be published through the phone application. As a way to tease fans a bit more, the ads will disclose a short teaser of “Blue,” one of the tracks featured on Big Bang’s mini album. Interviews as well as behind the scenes will also be released.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is set to hold a live tour “Alive World Tour 2012” with Live Nation. Big Bang will tour in more than 16 countries and 25 cities in America, Europe and Asia. The group will kick off the “Alive World Tour 2012” on March 2 with a series of concerts in Seoul.

“Alive” which is Big Bang’s fifth mini album will be released on February 29.

Source: Soompi


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