[NEWS] Big Bang’s impending comeback results in doubled stock prices for YG

20 Feb



It appears that the anticipation for Big Bang‘s comeback has helped YG Entertainment record its highest share price yet.

YG’s current stock price is 67,000 KRW per share. The prices of the shares have been constantly rising for the past three days. This is most likely due to the news of Big Bang’s comeback, which will be commence officially on February 29th. The group will be releasing a mini-album comprised of six songs in addition to their world tour, ‘Alive‘, which will be launched in March. Many investors are expecting a nice string of CFs to follow suit.

With the sudden increase in stock price, financial reports believe that Yang Hyun Suk’s gross stock value will exceed 200 billion KRW (~177.6 million USD). Yang Hyun Suk along with his brother, Yang Min Suk (CEO and major shareholder of YG), are one of the top 5 first generation self-made Chaebols in South Korea.

In an interview, Yang Hyun Suk shared, “To bring K-pop onto the world stage and compete on a global level, competition amongst [K-pop label] companies is necessary. And that’s why we’ve strived to get YG on KOSPI. Ten years after SM’s enlistment on the index, YG made it to the stock market as well. It feels very rewarding.”

Aside from Big Bang’s comeback, 2NE1 is slated to make a comeback as well after the world tour. Furthermore, YG will be unveiling their new idol group later this year.

Source: Osen, allkpop

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