[MISC.] Big Show’s Graphic Designer Eric Auzenne Talks About Big Bang

3 Mar

About TOP:
– haha I’ve changed my opinion on TOP. I still don’t think he’s a great dancer, but definitely a skilled rapper and marketable

– Yeah he’s grown on me. A real marketable guy, ladies man, and a real good rapper even though I don;t understand him. he has swag
– As long as he TOP can rap, in my eyes he doesn’t need to dance great. I just got the wrong impression seeing him the first time
– Yes he is [talented]. And seeing him advertising so many things in Korea, I can’t help but to give credit where it’s due
– I’ve watched him during rehearsals and last night on stage. All the ladies love him. That’s his role in the group

About GD:
– GD is a great dancer. Not a fan of the hair piece, but other than that he is a true entertainer.

About Dae:
– Dae is a good singer. He doesn’t stand out as much as the others though. He’s a case of Good at everything, great at nothing

About Seungri:
Seungri is a cool dude. He shows love to the production staff every night. That’s what keeps us going

About Taeyang: 
Taeyang killed that dance with the dragon. I’m not a fan of dubstep at all, but the dance to that song was wild

Honestly, I like the group. At first I was dismissive, but being around them and seeing them close up, they are pretty dope.
Dismissive because they are a boy band. I heard enough of boy bands growing up in the 90’s. But these guys are better

Note: This is a twitter conversation between @graine_alien and Eric. Special thanks to @graine_alien. graine.tumblr.com for sharing! For more of Eric’s conversation with the fans please visit his twitter @Eric_Auzenne.

Eric is a freelance motion graphic designer mainly based in Los Angeles, but currently in Korea for all three Big Shows. He also mentioned that his work is done now in Korea, but will be doing some work again when “they come to LA.” (NOTE: The LA Stop of the World tour IS NOT verified by YG).

Also, we would like to point out this is one person’s view/opinion, and to remind everyone to keep comments polite and respectful. Thank you.


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