[MISC.] Big Bang Makes Hearts Throb, Heads Explode in Seoul (120312)

13 Mar

Big Bang just kicked off their Big Bang Alive world Tour last weekend with three sold-out concerts in Seoul in front of more than 30,000 fans. As this is a Korea-focused technology and design blog we dispatched our secret K-pop loving staffer to the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in southern Seoul to check out the show.

Here’s what she had to say:

Music: Big Bang is always a high energy band to watch. This year they brought in an elite group of instrumental musicians from overseas to liven up their back-up track, the first Korean band to do so at a solo concert. Having live musicians playing behind the band really set this concert apart from other K-pop concerts I’ve been to. While “Hands Up” is still my favorite Big Bang song EVER, I really loved their acoustic performance of “Haru Haru”. Sigh!



Technology: I love Big Bang but I think even people who aren’t fans of the band had a good time at this show. It was pure entertainment. The pyrotechnics were the biggest I’ve ever seen at a concert in Korea and must have required precision planning. The stage extended out into the audience bringing the band closer (YES!) to their fans. And, for people who like the band as much for how it looks as for how it sounds, there were giant Full HD screens on either side of the stage. I’ve never seen screens like that at a concert anywhere before, apart from the Beyoncé concert held at the same venue two years ago.

Design: Fan faves G Dragon and TOP came out, with TOP rocking his blue (!) hair, utilizing 4 different elevator platforms that went up from and down into the stage floor. Daesung even flew above the packed stadium audience’s heads on wires with angel wings! So many costume changes, I couldn’t even count and Taeyang at one point even ripped his shirt OFF! You could tell they invested a lot of time and effort into the creative design of the concert, employing giant beach balls with the members inside and rolled over the audience in during the encore – something I’ve only ever really seen at concerts back home in the US.

Overall: The entire experience was incredible, the fans singing along in the glow of their flower-shaped “BB” (for Big Bang!) fluorescent sticks, and the combined energy of the group and their band was really a sight to behold.

And great news for the ever-growing K-pop fan base around the world, as concert production company Live Nation will be promoting and producing the world tour, which will take Big Bang through Asia, North and South America, and Europe, performing in 25 cities in 16 countries.

Here’s hoping Big Bang makes it to YOUR city, as this was a feast for the eyes and ears you will not want to miss!

Source : advancetechnologykorea (via @hancinema)

NOTE: Again, please be aware that this is a review and that all opinions in this article are directly that of the sourced author/website.


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