[NEWS] Big Bang scheduled to film a music video for a new song

12 Apr

Big Bang, ‘New Song’ Preparing a Massive Secret Music Video.. Why?

Five member boy group Big Bang is preparing to film a music video once again for a new song.

According to multiple music officials, Big Bang will be filming a music video from the 18th to the 20th. The song that they are filming for is not from the 5th mini album that was released in February, but rather a new and unreleased song.

Many people are interested already as to why they are starting a new project and filming a new music video just two months after their newest album.

Some are guessing that Big Bang will release a special album with this new song.

Big Bang’s company YG Entertainment has told Star News that “It is correct that Big Bang is filming a new music video for a new song” and “We cannot reveal details of this project yet.”

Big Bang’s 5 mini album’s songs “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Bad Boy” were all hits. They have hit record views through overseas fans on Youtube for these music videos as well. Big Bang will also be putting on a World Tour this year as a response to the overseas support.

Source: Star News
Translated by: @kristinekwak


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